moflon slip rings
MP320 Slip Rings

MP320 slip rings, with through bore size 25.4mm(1"), Thickness(Length) 22.00mm, are standard, off-the-shelf, Color-coded lead wires are used on both the stator and rotor for simplified electrical connections.

PART# Explanation:

MP320 - P0610 - S06

part # Height*OD
10A 20A Total wires part # Height*OD signal
10A 20A Total wires
MP320-S0217.1*862002 MP320-P021017.1*860202
MP320-S0320.5*863003 MP320-P031020.5*860303
MP320-P0210-S0223.9*862204 MP320-P041023.9*860404
MP320-S0630.7*866006 MP320-P061030.7*860606
MP320-P062030.7*860066 MP320-P0210-S0430.7*864206
MP320-S0837.5*868008 MP320-P0410-S0437.5*864408
MP320-P0210-S0637.5*866208 MP320-P081037.5*860808
MP320-P101044.3*86010010 MP320-P0210-S0844.3*8682010
MP320-P0410-S0644.3*8664010 MP320-S1044.3*86100010
MP320-P121051.1*86012012 MP320-P0610-S0651.1*8666012
MP320-P0410-S0851.1*8684012 MP320-S1251.1*86120012
Shared Specifications
Rings2~12(see table as above)CurrentSignal(5A) or 10A
Voltage400 VDC/VACMax speed250RPM
Through bore size25.4mm(1")thicknessdepends on ring num
Housing MaterialAluminium AlloyTorque0.1N.m
Working lifedepends on working speedContact materialPrecious Metal:Gold-Gold
Electrical noise<20 milliohmsContact Resistance<20mOhm(AWG16#,300mm)
Dielectric strength1000VDC@50HzLead WireUL Teflon®
Insulation resistance1000MΩ@600VDCLead Lengths250mm
Operating Temp.-40°C to 80°CProtectionIP51
Mechanical vibratioMIL-SID-810EHumidity10% to 90% RH
MaterialsLead Free,RoHS compliantCE CertifiedYES

1)The operational life of the unit is dependent upon rotational speed, environment and temperature.
2)Lead Wire size: 2A/signal -> AWG22, 10A -> AWG16, 20A -> Awg14, colored code.
3)Electrical noise is dependent upon the rotating speed and current,voltage.