moflon slip rings
MAPH100 Serie

1 Passage Pnuematic/Hydraulic+Electrical Slip Rings

MAPH100 Pneumatic /Hydraulic +Electricity rotary joint could connect with M5、G1/8、G1/4、G3/8、G1/2 ,also can combine with power wire, signal wire ,Ethernet, USB, Industrial BUS, control line, solenoid valve, sense line, etc. It’s Standard Flange installation, hollow shaft can be customized as well.

Media Types: Air/Gas,Chemical,DI/Tap Water,Oil,etc.

Standard series PART# Explanation:

Product Quality Level Table
Products Level CodeMax sppedWorking LifeSealing Element
VC100RPM10Million Revs.Common Seals
VD300RPM30Million Revs.High-Quality Seals

Rotary Union SpecificationsMechanical data
Passage1 in 1 outWorking LifeSee Prod Quality Level
Max.10MPa,Vacuum 0.01torrRotating SpeedSee Prod Quality Level
TorqueConsult technician about detailsWorking Temp.-30℃~80℃
Electrical dataOperating Humidity0~85% RH
ParameterValueContact MaterialPrecious Metal
PowerSignalHousing MaterialAluminium Alloy
Rated Voltage0~440VAC/VDC0~440VAC/VDCProtection gradeIP51
Insulation Res≥1000MΩ/500VDC≥1000MΩ/500VDC
Lead WiresAWG16#TeflonAWG22#Teflon
Lead LengthStandard 300mm
Dielectric Strength500VAC@50Hz,60s
Res Noise<0.01Ω






MAPH100-01, MAPH100-02Pnuematic/Hydraulic Hybrid Slip Ring
1)XX=01 Connection sizeM5
2)XX=02 Connection sizeG1/8
MAPH100-XX-S061 in 1 out0638MAPH100-XX-P0810-S101 in 1 out81071.6
MAPH100-XX-P0210-S041 in 1 out2438MAPH100-XX-P1010-S081 in 1 out10871.6
MAPH100-XX-P0410-S021 in 1 out4238MAPH100-XX-P1210-S061 in 1 out12671.6
MAPH100-XX-P06101 in 1 out6038MAPH100-XX-P1410-S041 in 1 out14471.6
MAPH100-XX-S121 in 1 out12054.8MAPH100-XX-P1610-S021 in 1 out16271.6
MAPH100-XX-P0210-S101 in 1 out21054.8MAPH100-XX-S241 in 1 out02488.4
MAPH100-XX-P0310-S091 in 1 out3954.8MAPH100-XX-P0410-S201 in 1 out42088.4
MAPH100-XX-P0610-S061 in 1 out6654.8MAPH100-XX-P0610-S181 in 1 out61888.4
MAPH100-XX-P0810-S041 in 1 out8454.8MAPH100-XX-P1210-S121 in 1 out121288.4
MAPH100-XX-P1010-S021 in 1 out10254.8MAPH100-XX-S301 in 1 out030105.2
MAPH100-XX-P12101 in 1 out12054.8MAPH100-XX-P0610-S241 in 1 out624105.2
MAPH100-XX-S181 in 1 out01871.6MAPH100-XX-S361 in 1 out036125
MAPH100-XX-P0210-S161 in 1 out21671.6MAPH100-XX-S421 in 1 out042141.8
MAPH100-XX-P0410-S141 in 1 out41471.6MAPH100-XX-S481 in 1 out048158.6
MAPH100-XX-P0610-S121 in 1 out61271.6

10A and Signal(5A) can be combined in any way as you need,Max.Ring:96 rings,Can be customized based on standard slip rings,Please contact us.
MAPH100-03, MAPH100-04, MAPH100-05Pnuematic/Hydraulic Hybrid Slip Ring
1)XX=03 Connection sizeG1/4
2)XX=04 Connection sizeG3/8
3)XX=05 Connection sizeG1/2
MAPH100-XX-S061 in 1 out0645.2MAPH100-XX-S361 in 1 out036150.2
MAPH100-XX-P0210-S041 in 1 out2445.2MAPH100-XX-P0610-S301 in 1 out630150.2
MAPH100-XX-P0410-S021 in 1 out4245.2MAPH100-XX-P1210-S241 in 1 out1224150.2
MAPH100-XX-P06101 in 1 out6045.2MAPH100-XX-P36101 in 1 out360150.2
MAPH100-XX-S121 in 1 out01265.6MAPH100-XX-S421 in 1 out042170.6
MAPH100-XX-P0210-S101 in 1 out21065.6MAPH100-XX-P0610-S361 in 1 out636170.6
MAPH100-XX-P0310-S091 in 1 out3965.6MAPH100-XX-P1210-S301 in 1 out1230170.6
MAPH100-XX-P0610-S061 in 1 out6665.6MAPH100-XX-P42101 in 1 out420170.6
MAPH100-XX-P0810-S041 in 1 out8465.6MAPH100-XX-S481 in 1 out048191
MAPH100-XX-P1010-S021 in 1 out10265.6MAPH100-XX-P0610-S421 in 1 out642191
MAPH100-XX-P12101 in 1 out12065.6MAPH100-XX-P1210-S361 in 1 out1236191
MAPH100-XX-S181 in 1 out01886MAPH100-XX-P1810-S301 in 1 out1830191
MAPH100-XX-P0210-S161 in 1 out21686MAPH100-XX-P2410-S241 in 1 out2424191
MAPH100-XX-P0410-S141 in 1 out41486MAPH100-XX-P48101 in 1 out480191
MAPH100-XX-P0610-S121 in 1 out61286MAPH100-XX-S601 in 1 out060231.8
MAPH100-XX-P0810-S101 in 1 out81086MAPH100-XX-P0610-S541 in 1 out654231.8
MAPH100-XX-P1010-S081 in 1 out10886MAPH100-XX-P0910-S511 in 1 out951231.8
MAPH100-XX-P1210-S061 in 1 out12686MAPH100-XX-P1210-S481 in 1 out1248231.8
MAPH100-XX-P1410-S041 in 1 out14486MAPH100-XX-P2410-S361 in 1 out2436231.8
MAPH100-XX-P1610-S021 in 1 out16286MAPH100-XX-S721 in 1 out072275.6
MAPH100-XX-S241 in 1 out024106.4MAPH100-XX-P1210-S601 in 1 out1260275.6
MAPH100-XX-P0410-S201 in 1 out420106.4MAPH100-XX-P2410-S481 in 1 out2448275.6
MAPH100-XX-P0610-S181 in 1 out618106.4MAPH100-XX-P3610-S361 in 1 out3636275.6
MAPH100-XX-P1210-S121 in 1 out1212106.4MAPH100-XX-S841 in 1 out084316.4
MAPH100-XX-P1810-S061 in 1 out186106.4MAPH100-XX-P1210-S721 in 1 out1272316.4
MAPH100-XX-P24101 in 1 out240106.4MAPH100-XX-P2410-S601 in 1 out2460316.4
MAPH100-XX-S301 in 1 out030126.8MAPH100-XX-P3610-S481 in 1 out3648316.4
MAPH100-XX-P0610-S241 in 1 out624126.8MAPH100-XX-S961 in 1 out096357.2
MAPH100-XX-P1210-S181 in 1 out1218126.8MAPH100-XX-P1210-S841 in 1 out1284357.2
MAPH100-XX-P1810-S121 in 1 out1812126.8MAPH100-XX-P2410-S721 in 1 out2472357.2
MAPH100-XX-P2410-S061 in 1 out246126.8MAPH100-XX-P3610-S601 in 1 out3660357.2
MAPH100-XX-P30101 in 1 out300126.8MAPH100-XX-P4210-S541 in 1 out3660357.2

10A and Signal(5A) can be combined in any way as you need,Max.Ring:96 rings,Can be customized based on standard slip rings,Please contact us.