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How to avoid errors when buying slip rings?

Slip ring is the key component for connecting and transporting for rotating equipment in the industrial field .Some companies are pursuing high quality and low prices when purchasing slip rings. However,there are too many kinds of slip rings on the market,accidentally you will buy a poor product , Then what should we need to pay attention to avoid that when buying slip rings?

1. Cheap price.
When people buy anything, they want to buy cheap and good, but generally cheap prices are difficult to bring high-quality experience (unless you have a lot of experience), because the impact of a product There are many aspects of the price, such as: material costs, processing costs, material and human needs.

2. The accuracy
When we purchase products, we should not blindly pursue precision. Generally, we must look at the usage and make a conclusion. For example, when working with a through bore slip ring, the stability is more important than the accuracy of the product, and the accuracy choice should be based on high stability.

Blindly trust in import slip rings, most people believe that domestic products are not practical and quality cannot be guaranteed; in fact, many people have this extreme concept. China has more than 60 years of history in R&D and production, and many domestic brands are exported to foreign countries. Therefore, there are indeed some competitive domestic brands now.

4. Choose the right range.
Generally, when selecting a slip ring, there will be an environmental index control, what kind of machine needs to use the best range, do not need to spend too much money to buy a large or operating range, otherwise it will only increase the cost waste of resources.

Slip ring should be installed and operated by a professional technical person , otherwise technical errors will inevitably occur.

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