moflon slip rings

Slip Ring Assemblies

Moflon slip ring always focus on high performance and Innovative 360°rotary solutions for Electrical & Pneumatic!

MOFLON focused on slip rings manufacturing for more than 30 years, Our slip rings having been successfully performing in commercial and industrial applications for over 30 years,imgperforming in aerospace and military applications for over 25 years, These products are developed for high performance environments and flexible requirements. Typical applications include camera systems, robotics, packaging machines, medical equipment and a wide range of automation systems. With over 10,000 slip ring & rotary joints drawings we have experience with a wide variety of designs and applications. Mounting options include, but are not limited to, end-of-shaft, over-the-shaft and inside-the-shaft mounting. MOFLON slip rings are manufactured using the highest quality materials available including solid coin silver rings,gold-gold contact, graphite and silver brushes, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys. MOFLON uses state of the art CNC machines to manufacture all of our parts and an experienced workforce to assemble each slip ring.

Slip Ring Assemblies

Moflon Slip Ring Assembly include: Popular Slip Ring Assemblies, Fliud Electrical Slip Ring Assemblies, Fiber Optic/Photoelectricity Slip Rings Assemblies, Miniature Slip Ring Assemblies, Wind Turbine Slip Ring Assemblies, Custom Slip Ring Assemblies , etc.

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