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Slip ring for CCD vision camera inspection slip ring

  The CCD machine vision system is a high-tech product for industrial inspection and identification. The core problem of production is the selection of industrial computer systems, and the high-definition images of the processed products can be directly transmitted to the GPIO interface of the machine.

  Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, technological products with increasingly powerful features and more and more exquisite appearances are continuously being introduced into new directions, bringing innovative experiences and changes to people's work and life.

  Behind these high-quality technology products is a more and more precise production process that requires more processing, assembly and inspection. These all place increasing demands on the eyes of automated machines, CCD machine vision systems.

  The application of CCD machine vision system in industry will become more and more popular. In the future, more inspections and identifications will be replaced in the factory.

  Moflon slip ring solves the 360-degree rotating sensitive signal transmission in various industrial applications. It has long life, good stability, no data loss and no delay in transmission.It can also meet different levels of protection in different areas, such as high-grade dust-proof waterproof and salt spray; high and low temperature environment to meet the high and low temperature applications; vibration in a large environment to meet the anti-vibration, etc., to ensure smooth signal transmission.

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