moflon slip rings

how to build a slip ring?

There are many factories infect the quality of slip rings, as a manufacture of slip rings, Moflon totally understand the importance of industrial controlling system.
slip ring is not a high-tech product like electric chips, it only worked as a connection and transmission. It may not important like a heart, but it connected all the hardware, software and make them freely contacted.

The common problme in the designation is how to connect with the rotating part, however, the most important function of slip rings is to make sure facilities freely connected when rotating. It often contains the transmission of signal, motiver power. It has several thousand volt, several hundrand currents and many kinds of coplicated signals in a small slip ring. It`s not easy make all the access isolated and all the signals non-interfering, and this is the point that designer need to figure out by them gifts.
ethernet silp ring is a delicated parts, it has strct requirement to every process and the workers also derectly interfere to the quality of this producet. It`s also a guaratee of product`s quality due to the concern of every employees. So, as a manufactuer of silp rings we can only stand firm in the market by continuely making progress in the products quality and improving the product`s competitiveness.

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