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Analysis of slip ring FAQ

Being in the conductive slip ring industry for a long time, have met with many domestic and overseas issues arising from the slip ring. Slip ring is already a quite mature product, in general, high quality factory can provide a stable product, but most of the damage is caused by the wrong way clients used or overload. In this paper, concerning common problems of the slip ring to analyze the cause of failure.

1 ) slip ring rotating unsmooth :
The reasons for causing such problems generally are haven`t chosen anti-vibration type when customers choosing the sealed slip ring, but with the environment there are strong vibrations. Resulting in damage of thin bearings within the slip ring , plastic spindle rupture, etc.

2 ) Protection level does not match with the environment conditions :
In general, protection level of the conductive slip ring which doesn`t have special instructions is IP50. In the case of some customers doesn`t add an additional protection, if placing it in the occasion with waterproof requirements, will make the inside of the slip ring flooded, causing an internal short circuit and causing failure.

3 ) Circuit design without protection circuit:
In general, before the conductive slip ring leave the factory, we will test the insulation performance of the products with the high voltage of over 5 times operating voltage, even so, in some conditions, can not meet the demand and result in breakdown of the slip ring and short.

4 ) slip ring burn out for overload :
Maximum current slip ring allowed is a current value of safe operation, which depends on the cross-sectional area of ??the conductive ring, the contact area of ??the brush, the pressure of the brush and contact surface, rotational speed and other integrated factors. If exceeds this value, slip rings will likely generate heat, seriously contact surface will light a fire , and even welding points will be formed between the brush and conductive ring. Although we will consider certain safety factor in the design phase of conductive slip ring, still recommends that customer offers maximum current based on the actual to the slip ring manufacturer.

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Analysis of slip ring FAQ

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