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How to Reduce Torque of Pneumatic-electric Slip Ring?

How to Reduce Torque of Pneumatic-electric slip ring?

Let`s view the inner structure of rotary joint before discuss the question of decrease torque of Pneumatic-electric slip ring:
Pneumatic-electric slip rings

From above drawing, we can see the contact seal between each gas ring.The friction of contact seal is depends on the pressure,thus to decrease the torque of slip ring, first we need to decrease the friction and pressure.

1)How to decrease friction?

The main points of decrease friction are contact`s finishing and roundness,using electroplating process and cylindrical grinding process can each the ideal effect,meanwhile it also decreased the torque of Pneumatic-electric slip ring.

How to decrease the pressure?

To decrease the pressure should start with the media,If the media is gas,then conpress the gas and consequently the pressure would decline and amplification the tolerance .If it`s hydraulic oil,then narrow the tolerance,increase presure.Different pneumatic-electric slip ring would have different requirements about the torque.

As above,it`s easy to decrease the rotating torque, the most important is to take care of the details of process,If you have any doublt about pneumatic-electric slip ring,please contact us:

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