moflon slip rings

slip rings integrated in servo system

Accoding to the rapid increase of labor cost , especially china-the global manufacture base.Many labour intensive industry are facing an awkward situation,thus they urgently required automated robot and intelligent robot .
A authority apartment`s data shows that the robot application increse rate is over 100% in the last 3 years. Therefore, the requirement of slip rings, an important part of robot, also accordingly increased 150%.
Below are some tips and introduction about how the slip ring applied in the robot.
The automatic system are always controlled by servo system,driver and encoder, PLC or upper chip control module. As an important part of robot, slip ring has to transfer signal and data through one module to another module.This process is very strict and can not bear any mistake or loss of data.Also, the data is weak signal, it`s very sensitive to the interferance of enverionment, so it requires sheilding for signal wires in the internal slip ring .
Below drawing shows how the slip ring connect each module in the servo system:

servo slip ring connection

When designing and using the slip ring, different types of cable must be seperated.Each cable should be marked and classified in inside of slip ring,this is to make sure the slip ring wouldn`t loss any data when it works, and it also can prevent the abnormal encoding and alarm.
Below is the noise curve of the slip ring when it transmitting signal:
servo slip ring electrical noise curve

Servo system has strict requirements about the slip ring,Moflon sepcialized MZ series slip ring for Servo system application. If you have any question about the slip ring applied in servo system, please contact

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