moflon slip rings

How to select housing material of the slip ring

The selection of the housing material of the slip ring has the following principles:
1. Must meet the needs of spot work environment, such as: high-temperature environments, corrosive environments.
2. Must take strength of the material into account, if the operating speed is high, resulting in large vibration and centrifugal force, the material for housing must have sufficient strength.
3. Must take manufacturing into account, plastic housing is easy for mold making, thus, it can be mass production at low-cost.
4. Need to consider the cost of production, combined with the closest profiles.
Different materials suitable for different customer demand, currently the housing material of standard slip ring is plastic, metal , etc.

Generally speaking, low-cost slip rings are using the plastic housing mostly, demanding slip ring using a metal housing.

MOFLON slip ring, except the capsule slip ring, the others are the metal housing , under normal environments, the slip ring using aluminum alloy housing , corrosive environments using stainless steel material.

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