moflon slip rings

how to assure high quality of slip rings

slip ring is a precision component,and it required strict operation in every process. Worker`s attitude is also essentical to the quality of products.To care more about the employees is also a gurantee to product`s quality. Therefore, as a slip ring manufacturer not only we need to improve product quality, but also should we enhance the competibility in the market.

To make sure the quality, the most important thing is to avoid misktake on design, thus the engineer should be very careful and required to recheck the drawings with each other.Moflon insist that all the volume production could only be producted after the sample passed the test from QC department.

Quality is not only the Technical strength of the company but also reflects the management of one company,it is the main point to attract customer.So, quality is the soul of the enterprise.Moflon have a high-quality guarantee as a slip ring manufacture due to the stict production process.

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how to assure high quality of slip rings

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