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The missions of industrial electronic slip ring in modern industry

In science and technology change the way of productivity time, great changes have taken place in industrial production. Industrial electronic slip ring have a very important role in modern industrial design and production, only by constantly to development, improvement of slip rings, increasing product performance can meet the real needs.

The progress of modern industrial brings to the slip ring industry wide development prospects..
New energy and new material industry have got the attention,and in this industry, Wind alternator as a great potential for commercial energy, is the focus of the national policy support, under the background of this great opportunity and competition, electronic slip ring industry will experience high speed growth for the second time since the outbreak of large-scale growth, as a kind of new energy industry indispensable industrial parts, electronic slip ring have a broad prospects. In the next 5-10 years, under the strongly advocated and development of low carbon energy saving, the development of electronic slip ring together with the national economic structure adjustment.

MOFLON company have many years experience focused on research and development production and sales of series of industrial slip ring, collector ring, electronic slip ring, precision conductive slip ring. Product variety, high performance ,have a number of international authoritative testing institutions recognized certificate, long-term for domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers, military units, research institutes and colleges and universities to provide products and technical services, and become their long-term fixed-point qualified suppliers, products exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea, etc

MOFLON company will research and development production of various kinds of high quality slip ring, strive to provide high reliability slip ring for industrial field,.

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