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What is the electronic slip rings

What is the electronic slip ring

What is the electronic slip ring?I thank it`s just parts to help other equipments slip,similar to bearing,but has more advantage than it when I first saw.Let MOFLON company show everyone how to introduce the knowleges of electronic slip ring.

Definition:Electronic slip ring is a mechanical and electronic components which can transport current, date signal to rotary equipment.(as a media,it self not charged) can also named electric brush,collecting ring, rotary electric joints or turn.

Performance: electronic slip ring can be used in the transmission current or data signals of unlimited slip ring mechanical and electrical system. It can improve the mechanical properties, simplify system design, avoid losses of wires in the rotating.

MOFLON slip ring have high design precision, which housing that processing with leading domestic military technology, low contact resistance, long life, reliable operation, especially suitable for minitype rotating system transport weak control signal etc.

Typical Application
1,Closed circuit monitor
2, Electrical test equipment
3, rotary table
4. Robot
5. Medical Equipment
6. Exhibition, display equipment
7. Manufacturing and process control equipment
8. minitype wind generator

MOFLOn slip ring can transfer Ethernet, USB��RS��Canbus��FireWire, servo motor, encoder, strain gage, thermocouple signal.

1. precious metal contact make sure long working life.
2. Gold-Gold contact make sure resistance extremely low
3. Compatible with the data bus protocol
4. Running smooth
5. conpact structure
6. Low torque

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