moflon slip rings
MFO800(8 channel FORJ)

MFO800 slip rings are standard, off-the-shelf. It could support 8 channel fiber optics(SM/MM) transmitting on 360° rotating.The rugged body allows fiber pigtail, FC receptacles on either the rotor side or the stator side.features extremely low insertion loss and impressive return loss performance for both singlemode and multimode fibers.MFO800 are often used with electronic sliprings, call optical-electrical hybrid slipring, transmit power and high speed data.

part # Wavelength Channel Insertion loss Lead length Connectors
MFO800S850nm~1550nm8 channel SM<2dB @ each1000mmFC
MFO800M650nm~1310nm8 channel MM<2dB @ each1000mmFC
MFO800(1channel FORJ) Specifications
Wavelength(All Channels)650nm~1550nmInsertion loss(8Channels)<2.0dB (normal: <0.8dB)
Insertion loss ripple<+/-0.25 dBReturn loss (SM/MM) >40 dB(RFC/RST)
Maximum speed600 RPMPressure compensation1000 psi
Pulling strength.10NStart up torque0.1N/m
Estimated life cycle300 millionOptical power handling23 dBm
Working temperature-40 to 85 °CStorage temperature-50 to 85 °C
Package styleFCHousing materiaStainless steel
Fiber typesSupport both SM/MMConnectorFC, SC, ST, SMA, or LC
IP ratingIP 68Weight50g
Lead length1000mm