moflon slip rings
MW series(Wind Turbine slip rings)
MW Catalog

Model PDF Rings(wires) Current/Voltage Through Bore size(mm) OD(mm) Length(mm) Details
3 15A/400V Solid 22mm 45mm
3 30A/400V Solid 22mm 45mm
4 30A/400V Solid 30mm 65.7mm
6 30A/400V Solid 30mm 65.7mm
3 30A/400V Solid 45mm 65mm
5 30A/400V Solid 45mm 85mm
5 60A/600V 25.4mm 86mm 96mm
5 60A/600V 38.1mm 99mm 96mm
5 60A/600V 50mm 120mm 100mm
5 60A/600V 60mm 130mm 100mm
3 100A~500A Solid 100mm 105mm

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