moflon slip rings
MSP104 Series (4 Rings*1A) Separated Slip Rings

MSP104 split slip ring is a kind of miniature slip ring, the use of separate rotor and contact brush combination, support 4 letters no. / 1A, stator and rotor lines corresponding to the use of 3-color color wire, so that the circuit connection is simplified.
Conductive ring with 90 degree angle Vslot design, with smooth rotation, low torque and low electrical noise characteristics, which performance beyond the ordinary slip ring products.

Product Quality Level Table
MSP1049 is MSP104 high-end version,which used for military, aerospace, etc., differences as below:
Part#Max sppedWorking lifeTorqueElectrical noise①@10Rpm
MSP104250RPM20 million Revs0.02 N.m10mΩ
MSP10491000RPM100 million Revs0.005 N.m4mΩ

Electrical dataMechanical data
PowerSignalWorking Temp.-30℃~80℃
Rated Voltage0~210VAC/VDC0~210VAC/VDCOperating Humidity0~85% RH
Insulation Res≥1000MΩ/500VDC≥1000MΩ/500VDCContact MaterialGold-Gold
Lead WiresAWG26#TeflonAWG26#TeflonProtection gradeIP41
Lead LengthStandard 300mm
Dielectric Strength500VAC@50Hz,60s
Res Noise<0.01Ω

MSP104 Part# Explanation
Part#Signal or 1AProducts Level
MSP1044Common quality
MSP10494High-end quality