moflon slip rings
MFO600 Series

MFO series 6 channel fiber optic/photoelectricity slip ring

MFO600 fiber optic slip rings support 6 channel fiber optics(SM/MM). It can perfectly transmit data on 360° rotating. It is also especially suitable for occasion where it needs to transmit large volume data/signal from permanent position to rotation position on unlimited, continuous or discontinuous rotating, which can improve mechanical property,simplify system operation and avoid the rotating of turning joints destroy fiber optics.

MFO600 has the following features:

Low insertion loss, high rotation speed
Non-contact, zero friction, long working life, single core can achieve one hundred million revolutions
Small in size, in light weight, high sealing class
Fiber optics transmitting signal, no leaks,no electromagnetic interference, long-distance transmission

Part# Explanation:

Max insert Loss,23℃(dB)43.5
Insert Loss Ripple(dB)21
Return Loss(dB)≥55(APC)≥40(PC)
Max Power(W)0.5
Max spped(rpm)400
Working Life
Working Temp.(℃)-45~85
Storage Temperature(℃)-50~85