moflon slip rings
MT series
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Model# PDF Through Bore
Current Total Rings Max Voltage
Max Speed Details
12.7mm 56mm Signal~10A 1~42 440V 1000RPM
25.4mm 86mm Signal~10A 1~72 600V 1000RPM
30mm 99mm Signal~10A 1~96 600V 1000RPM
38.1mm 99mm Signal~10A 1~96 600V 1000RPM
50.8mm 120mm Signal~10A 1~96 600V 600RPM
60mm 130mm Signal~10A 1~96 600V 600RPM
70mm 140mm Signal~10A 1~96 600V 500RPM
80mm 158mm Signal~10A 1~96 600V 500RPM
90mm 185mm Signal~10A 1~96 600V 250RPM
100mm 185mm Signal~10A 1~96 600V 250RPM
120mm 215mm Signal~10A 1~72 600V 250RPM
150mm 248mm Signal~10A 1~72 600V 150RPM
180mm 292mm Signal~10A 1~72 600V 150RPM
210mm 320mm Signal~10A 1~72 600V 50RPM
Compact Slip Rings with Through Bore
Model# PDF Through Bore
Current&Rings Voltage
Max Speed Details
3mm 17mm Signal(2A) 250V 250RPM
5mm 22mm Signal(2A) 250V 250RPM
6,8mm 24.8mm Signal(2A),5A,10A 250V 250RPM
12.7mm 35mm Signal(2A)@ 250V 250RPM
20.00mm 45mm Signal(5A)@ 250V 250RPM
25.40mm 68mm Signal/5A @ 250V 250RPM

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